Advantages to Trade School Programs

1. Accelerated Courses

A bachelor’s degree typically takes a student 4 or more years to complete verses a trade school. Depending on what program you choose to go into, you could be done with trade school in jus a couple of months! How awesome is that?!?

2. High Demand

Most programs that trade schools offer are in high demand in the work force. Trade schools like National Dental Academy , will prepare students with the essential skills and hands-on training so they are ready for the work field when they graduate.

3. Money

It costs the average American $127,000 to earn their bachelor degree (Info from US Bureau of Labor and Statistics). At National Dental Academy of WI you can earn your State Approved Dental Assistant Certificate for only $4995…yes, that includes textbooks, lab fees, PPE, tuition, uniforms, pretty much everything!

4. Smaller Class Sizes

Career colleges usually have smaller classes for students, here at NDA of WI we only allow a max of nine students per term. Unlike a large university, you will not be sitting in large lecture halls with a bunch of strangers! You will be able to get to know each and every one of your peers. With smaller classes, Instructors are able to give one-on-one attention that each student deserves. Who just wants to be another face in a large room? Not me!!!

5. Job Experience

You are already one-step ahead of the game! Not only are you getting an education but you are also getting a lot of hands-on training in your area of study. Leave the classroom with the confidence and readiness to jump straight into the dental office!

6. Accelerated Enrollment Processes

With career colleges, there are always multiple start dates for the programs. We run classes every Fall, Winter and Spring in multiple locations across WI.

7. Job Placement Support

Here at NDA of WI we will help you with resume composition, networking skills, interview skills and much more. WE also offer complimentary resume reviews! 80% PLACEMENT in 2018!!!

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