“I heard an ad on the radio that National Dental Academy was hosting classes in my town. I found myself interested in how I could change my field in ten weeks. Training was intense but I soon found myself working as a Dental Assistant in no time…well it took a little time after I gradated but now I am with an amazing company that offers me incredibly opportunity in the Dental Field. I am sure glad I called.”

How far are you into the class and how has your experience been? – I am currently going into week 8, I never thought I could be excited to get up and go to school but every week is a new, exciting skill to learn. I’ll be honest, I’m going to be sad when I graduate because it’s become a part of my week. I love that it’s broken up into lecture and clinical, as it makes for an effective learning style.
What does a typical day in class look like for you? What has been your favorite thing/skill that you have learned so far? -A typical day for me is getting to school in the morning, Diana immediately asks how my week went and then we begin lecture. After lecture we have a break and then begin clinical and hands on work. I would have to say that my favorite thing thus far has been being able to make my own bleaching tray. From pouring up the model to making the try itself, is a really interesting process! What was the enrollment process like for you? -The enrollment process was incredible. I wasn’t too sure if I was going to commit to the program at first, but Lindsay answered every question that I had and ultimately won me over with her passion for the program leading me to believe I was going to get a genuine education How was your instructor? What does she do to help you be successful in class? -My instructor Diana is out of this world knowledgeable in everything dental assisting. She has been able to answer every question I have and give me tips on how to be a better dental assistant. She does everything in her power to make sure I succeed with every skill I learn, every week. She will go over every skill until I nail it, no matter how long it takes. It is obvious that she loves what she does. Is there any advice you would give people that are thinking about pursuing a career in Dental Assisting? -The advice I would give would be to go in with an open mind and willingness to learn. If you don’t have past knowledge about the dental industry, be ready to study. I think that if you bring a positive attitude to class, you ultimately have the world in your hands. Would you recommend NDA to friends/family that are thinking about making a career change based on your experience thus far? Why? -I would definitely recommend NDA to anyone. I was not only given an education, but I was given an instructor that helps me push the boundaries on learning. The program does everything in its power to give you everything you need to succeed. The only thing left us you!

“My experience was with National Dental Academy was great! I was very pleased that I was able to go to school and work a full time job at the same time and make time for both! My instructor was phenomenal and the ladies I had class made it super fun! I feel like NDA helped me prepare for my career in many ways. I went into my first assisting job knowing the basics of instruments, procedures and how to handle patients. I couldn’t have transitioned into my job without the help of NDA. The enrollment for NDA was really easy. From the beginning folder of information, to talking to Lindsay over the phone she was most helpful. Any question I had for her was answered well and in a timely manner. My instructor Andrea was amazing! She was ready to help all of us girls learn from day one. She worked with us as a group as well as individually. When any one of us was stuck on something, or needed it further explained she was always willing to help with a smile on her face until we felt confident in what we were doing. I would recommend Andrea to anyone! I found a job halfway through assisting school. I found a job at a pediatric dental office working with children and special needs patients. I loved it then, and still love it! Any advice I could give to anyone pursuing a career in Dental Assisting would be to just do it! It is a lot of fun. All the things you learn about teeth and the mouth are way cool. It’s rewarding knowing you made a difference for a person. Whether it be cosmetic work and they’re happy about their new smile, or being there helping a patient through their anxieties of being in the chair. I always feel like I made a difference to each and every patient I see. Advice for new grads trying to find a job would be don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try new things. Don’t be afraid to try all the specialties out there like pediatrics, endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery. Don’t be afraid to show your new office what skills you are bringing to them. I would recommend NDA to friends and family for a few reasons. They are very easy to work with and it works with a busy lifestyle and schedule. I honestly wouldn’t have gone to assisting school or considered a career change if it wasn’t for NDA. I wasn’t able to switch around my schedule to attend a traditional year course would be. So thankful for NDA, best choice I ever made!!”

My experience with the National Dental Academy (NDA) was nothing but enjoyable. Not only did I meet some very cool girls during class, but my instructor was dedicated to making our 10 weeks fun and a good learning experience.  I think NDA gave me a great foundation for what I needed to know for my job. Each lesson went into depth and prepared you for what’s to come. The enrollment process was so easy, I almost couldn’t believe it! My instructor was amazing and I wouldn’t be where I am right now without her! Not only did she genuinely care about her students, but she never stopped explaining and reiterating things we needed to know until it stuck. She was very hands on and did an awesome job.

I found a job two weeks prior to graduating! My office I work for was aware of the NDA and knew what I’d know right when I started and they were more than happy to have me! To anyone thinking about being a Dental Assistant, I’d go for it.  Not only does it give you a good foundation for the workforce, but it’s fun! Happy patients or grumpy patients, it’s rewarding to see them leave the office happy, and it’s your job to make that happen. For new students/graduates, I would apply for any and all jobs that are open and spark an interest. You never know unless you try! So job shadow, apply, ask questions, it’ll all be worth it in the end!

Yes, I would recommend NDA to anyone looking for a career change.  It gave me experience and taught me the things I’d need to know. We can never have enough dental assistants!

Jade, Madison 2018 Graduate

Meet Ryan, a graduate of our Fall 2018 class in Edgerton, WI! We sat down and asked Ryan a few questions about his classes. How would you describe your overall experience with the National Dental Academy of WI(NDA)? Why did you choose an accelerated program? “My experience in the NDA was nothing less than exceptional. The classroom we studied in was clean and quiet being one of the most comfortable settings I have ever had class in. The course instructors were always helpful and they always were happy to teach the class material in more depth when we had questions!” Do you feel that NDA prepared you for your new career in the dental field? “Since I would like to ultimately become a dental laboratory technician the course was not 100% focused on my direct career path but that means that I got an immense amount of knowledge in the pre-lab processes. With that point of view, I gained a better understanding between Doctor – lab relationships which I know will help me a lot.” What was the enrollment process like for you?   “The enrollment process was stress free and straight forward in every step that you take to start your career in the dental field. I always had help from an enrollment officer who took the time to explain and help me with all my questions.” Did you find a job after you graduated or where are you at in the process? I am currently looking for a job and have multiple job interviews (including in dental labs!!) due to the great help fr Do you have any advice for new grads who are currently looking for positions?om the NDA helping me create a resume that catches the eyes of potential employers in the dental field. “The one thing I would like to give advice on is to be involved and ask questions even if the questions may seem trivial. You may be surprised of the answer you get back from your well-rounded instructor and also the help in getting a nice job after graduation if you just ask!” Would you recommend NDA to friends/family that are thinking about making a career change? Why? “Yes, I would recommend NDA to anyone. Throughout the course I had nothing to say but good words about my experiences.”

I loved my experience through National Dental Academy (NDA). I felt like I was fully equipped with all the necessary material to succeed in my new career. I loved that we were sent home with all the materials to review on our own. Clinical hours especially helped me and I’m happy I was able to shadow in a local office and understand the flow of a typical day as a Dental Assistant. My instructor from NDA was very informative and thorough. She went over everything multiple times until the material was understood. She always made sure she was available throughout the course if we had any questions or needed to meet in person to discuss anything confusing. I had about 4-5 interviews after school and was offered a job within a month of graduating. I graduated in July and was hired at the beginning of August. My best advice is to go for it. I had always thought about being a Dental Assistant and had often looked into the NDA program. If you are passionate about your career, your skills seem to develop faster and come easier. To this day, I still wake up excited to go into work every morning – which says a lot because I am not a morning person! Keep an open mind on location for your first job. I live 30 minutes away from my current job and I hate the commute but now that I have about 2 years experience, my “value” as an assistant has gone up so opportunities closer to home should be easier to find. The most important thing to remember is that it’s best to get your foot in the door than to not get it in at all. Sometimes you have to go out and get the opportunity you’ve worked hard for; it won’t always fall in your lap. Yes! I have recommended to multiple friends that are looking for change. Dental assisting is a nice industry that provides opportunity for growth. Even if you have no interest in the industry, you’d be surprised at how interesting it becomes to you. There is always something to learn in dentistry.”